Why we started Safe-N-Happy Periods

The girl child in India faces many challenges and when they grow into young adults, views on Menstruation and a lack of knowledge creates an additional burden. In India:-
  • 10% of girls think that Menstruation is a disease. (UKAID)
  • 66% girls do not know anything about Periods before their first period (Unicef MHM)
  • 87% girls & women do no know the importance of Menstruation or the biological process behind it. (Unicef MHM)
  • 14% girls suffer from menstrual infection of some kind. (Wateraid)
We believe that if the Girl child is well informed about Menstrual hygiene at the right age, and if we manage to remove misconceptions from her mind as well the minds of all those around her, the Girl child will not only be able to handle the emotional trauma and a stigma of shamefulness as she begins her journey as a young woman, but she will also face the hormonal changes in her body with awareness and confidence. We feel that spreading awareness and educating girls, their families and society can significantly reduce the burden on young girl adults and allow them to focus on living healthier lives and accomplishing their goals. Further a well-informed Girl child will surely and confidently speak to her mother / sisters about correct menstrual hygiene practices and will help eliminate unhealthy and wrong practices most of women in lower socio economic sections have been adopting for generations. Aware and empowered women will pave the way for building a healthier society.

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